[UK-Import]Mini Jellyfish Lamp

The Mini Jellyfish Lamp is perfect for those who would love to own an aquarium but simply do not have the time, the space, the finances or the desire to maintain a tank of living animals. The quirky little 'lampquarium' arrives with two imitation 'stingers' that will float around the tank in a natural manner, as soon as you fill have filled the tank with distilled water (recommended). No mess, no fuss, just sit back and enjoy the view. With its 3-piece LED lighting system in red, green and blue, the lamp will create a real atmosphere in a room and is serene to watch. The motor is quiet and so the tank is ideal for bedrooms, as a night lamp. Would make a great birthday or Christmas gift. Perfect for children's bedrooms, student bedrooms, living rooms, offices and more. The light is operated by 3 AAA batteries (not included). Measures approximately: 7.5cm (Length) x 7.5cm (Width) x 22cm (Height).

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